Hunger and Thirst

(Before writing this blog, I want to explain why you may have noticed a week without a post.  My husband,  little girl and I went to the Smokies for fall break.  I didn’t have a very strong signal and the Wi-Fi kicked me off several times.  So please accept my apologies.)


“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.”  (Matthew 5:6 NASB)

More.  That word.  What does it truly imply? Is it a desire, demand or hunger?  I don’t exactly know how Webster would define it but for me, in my Christian walk with the one true God, it means an all-consuming desire and craving for Him.  Or to sum it up, NOT SATISFIED. 

Satisfaction for me in my earlier walk consisted of a few sentences read from the Bible and a quick prayer in the morning or sometime throughout the day.  Oh, and when I needed something with an occasional “thank you”.  But now I’m dis-satisfied.  I want MORE of my God.  I cannot get enough.  While praying, if I cannot sense the strong presence of the Holy Spirit I am not fulfilled.  What happened?  Something did.  Something so amazing that I desire to repeat the event again.  A few moments early one morning in the spring.  The warmth that enveloped me that morning poured into my soul an overwhelming joy, peace and love.  With that moment also came the desire to “do” for Him in His kingdom.  The desire to speak, write and teach. (That came out of nowhere). Suddenly He opened doors that have never been opened before.  He took me from teaching preschool once a week to ministering to women who hurt.  Who desperately hurt and need to feel the love of Christ. 

Also teaching another group of women what stepping out of their “comfort zone” actually means.  Asking for and taking hold of what the Lord has for them.  Tasting to see that He is good.  Ushering in the understanding that we are not to ever be satisfied.  Always seek more.  Hunger and thirst after His righteousness–and know who they really truly are in Christ Jesus when they come to accept Him by faith as their Lord and Savior. 

I wasn’t prepared for the backlash though.  When you go straight toward the purpose He has planned for you, the enemy comes at you like a freight train in an attempt to stop the good work Christ Jesus is doing through you.  The enemy doesn’t want people free.  If he can keep you in bondage to your thoughts and feelings then he can restrain your zeal, your fire.  I’m going to teach you what the Lord is teaching me.  To use what He has already given you to fight the good fight against the enemy.  To fit yourself in The Full Armor of God

Come back tomorrow morning and all this week.  We will share a cup of coffee and learn how to fight against the enemy and his schemes. 

In His Love,

Michelle Hawkins  


3 thoughts on “Hunger and Thirst

  1. I enjoyed your blog especially the writing on The Full Armor of God. I really like this chapter in the Bible and I use to have a poster showing the full armor, have you noticed the armor gives protection to an advancing warrior but there is no protection on the back side. The breastplate, shield, and sword protect the front. The whole armor protects us in all ways. I just thought it was interesting .

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