Grace, Grace, God’s Grace…..

“Come now, and let us reason together,” Says the Lord, “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow….” (Isaiah 1:16-18 NKJV)

I had an idea of what I thought my two school age boys would be wearing for Easter service.  All white including shirt and pants.  I cleaned them up, dressed them, and then commanded them to wait for me as I got ready myself.  I specifically said, “DO NOT GET DIRTY”.  After a few minutes of hearing them whine–because I made them sit still on the couch until I called for them–I decided to send them out to the car to wait for me there.

As I polished myself up with last finishing touches, my oldest son brought his little brother in d-i-r-t-y!!  “I told him not get on his bike but he didn’t listen to me”, he stated in exasperation.  The youngest was crying and ran to me grabbing a hold of my legs.  “Nathan!  I told you to not get dirty.  We don’t have time to clean you up and change your clothes.  We are going to be late and won’t ever find a seat!”  I said in my fury.

As Nathan looked up at me with tears in his eyes, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me in His loving wisdom. “Daughter, this is exactly how I do you, the Lord whispered.”  I get you all cleaned up, sparkling white and then send you out into the world.   Then you come back to me crying and dirty.”  That was all it took.  My whole demeanor changed from fury to humility.  I kissed Nathan’s face then wiped away his tears.  I changed his clothes then left for Easter morning service.  (Josh, however, was waiting and hoping that his little brother would get a spanking.)

The Lord taught me so much from that moment.  I learned the meaning of grace.  Our Lord is preparing our eternal home for us and instead of staying clean and waiting on Him in patience and obedience; we get very anxious and do our own thing, getting dirty in the process.  Never has my Heavenly Father turned me away with tears in my eyes.  He has always loved me, dirt and all.  He has never told me how bad I was but sent me back on my way in His loving mercy that is new every morning.

I am so grateful for the lessons my Jesus has taught me and continues to teach me.  I don’t remember what the bike looked like.  I don’t even remember if we were late for church but what I do remember is the lesson of Grace the Savior taught me through dirty clothes and the failing of a little boy to be obedient.  By the way, his older brother still thinks he should have gotten a spanking.

Dear Lord, teach me to see circumstances with my children as a daily reminder of the grace you show to me, Amen.

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2 thoughts on “Grace, Grace, God’s Grace…..

  1. I love this one, we are all different and do things differently, but all want to be accepted no matter what….dirty or clean, we all have the same outcome in mind, just don’t deal with it the same way! I am rambling, but maybe you get what I am saying!

    1. Hi Hattie. We are all certainly individuals so we do handle situations differently. I am so blessed that my Father in heaven sees straight into my heart…there I cannot hide…and He meets me there. He gives us wisdom and teaches us how to apply it in our lives. Thank you for your comment. May you be blessed in abundance.

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