Are We Looking Through the Eyes of Love?

Over a year ago the Lord Jesus gave me a profound love for my earthly father whom I had never connected with the term “Love”. This love was one which I have never known.  I do not have a relationship with him based on an extremely difficult childhood, but I am to honor my earthly father nevertheless because I was created. 

The Lord prompted me to meet with him in order to share the divine forgiveness I now have in my heart for him.  My father is Jehovah’s Witness;  therefore, Jesus is not received in him as who Jesus really is.  That is, the Savior and Lord our God, Deity and second in the triune Godhead of the Trinity. This has led me to begin this teaching through the Disciples in Disguise Ministry. To not only teach Christians how to be “rock solid” firm in the understanding of their faith in Christ Jesus and why we believe the gospel to be true, but also understand the different organizations, practices and religious structures and what they believe to be true.  The goal is to help encourage you to become confident in sharing your faith with others.

The reader will discover his/her own true personal opinions on each subject by taking a self-assessment questionnaire.  Then weigh that with how the Bible–the divinely inspired word of God–states Jesus Christ sees each person or group.  This will be considered by some to be controversial and by some a breath of fresh air from His throne.  I see it as an understanding of what God’s grace……the Savior’s grace…  

First of all, this week you will take the self-assessment.  Print this out, answer each truthfully, going with the very first thought you had when you saw each selection.  Keep it somewhere…perhaps in your Bible.  You will need it again.  This list isn’t exhaustive but it is a good start. The first weekend of February 2014 I will not have a blog posted.  (I will be spending some much needed time with my husband.)

Before you respond to each people group, it is important you be absolutely truthful and not answer based on what you think the Heavenly Father wants you say.  He knows your heart anyway so just be real.  Remember to write down the thoughts that come to your mind first….The week of February 7th I will post the lesson for the first study item.

Self Assessment

“When I think of__________ (people group below) I think………”

1. Jehovah’s Witnesses


2. Muslims/Buddhists, other Eastern religions


3. Homosexuals/Transgender


4. People of a different race than you


5. Pedophiles/Rapists/Murderers


6. Abortionists/those who have had abortions


7. Political parties (comment on each if you choose)


8. Organized religion (speaking on terms of Catholic and Protestant churches and their members)


9. Judaism


10. Atheists/Agnostics


11. Satan worshippers/Witches/Warlocks/Fortune Tellers


12. Adulteress/Adulterer/Liars


13. Prostitutes


14. Christians (I know this seems redundant from question 8, but I wanted to list it separately)


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