A Darkness that Veils the Eyes…..

As I begin to write these words my heart is breaking.  Before I opened the first page to research the beliefs of Hinduism, Buddhism, or Islam I had be willing to keep my eyes focused on what Jesus wanted me to learn and not what my opinions would formulate.  I asked The Holy Spirit to help me see through the darkness that has veiled my eyes for so many years. 

All too often we make a quick judgment on someone based on appearance alone.  What nationality, financial status, education level, and so on.  We listen to their ability to communicate well and estimate their intelligence but don’t take time to examine what is in their heart.  If you are one of the few who hasn’t been guilty of this judgmental observation then I applaud you.  For me, I can say I am truly grateful that my Jesus sees straight into the heart and has given me a desire to want to do the same.

All three religions have a basic common denominator–worship.  To whom the worship is directed is the huge difference between these religions and Protestant Christianity.  Of the three Eastern religions, two of them, Hinduism and Buddhism serve many gods, goddesses or deities.  Praying to and offering sacrifice comes in many forms with mysticism, ritual and idol worship being a large part of their routine. Islam, however, worships one god but follows after the Prophet Mohammad’s teachings.  All three have elevations of reaching splendor or obtaining peace and tranquility, but rely on themselves to obtain this. 

Perhaps the one thing that struck me beyond all other aspects of these three religions is the lack of grace or mercy for the believer.  The principles here are all designed to meet the approval of the god, goddess or gods to receive wealth, happiness or acceptance.  It appears to be worship out of fear or ritual mandate and not a devotion of the heart.  Not an intimate relationship with the one whom they serve.  It is a matter of “meet these specific expectations and you may be rewarded” mindset. 

Regardless of one’s belief, even those who do not believe in the one true God–Father, Son and Holy Spirit as Trinity—are all loved by this God……Elohim, The Creator.  He created us all to love Him and He to love us.  He created us for a purpose and knew each of us by name before we were yet formed in our mother’s womb (Jeramiah 1:5).

This one true God listens to the believer and communicates back in love. A believer worships and praises the one true God out of love and devotion to Him.  Understanding that they are but a vapor in the wind and can do nothing without Him, but with Jesus alive in them and working in and through their lives, miracles can and do happen. 

The heart-break; this happens when I think of how lonely their life–without Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Redeemer and the Savior to all who would believe–will be when that day comes.  The day they bow at the foot of the Lord God Most High and give an account of their life and confess with their mouth that indeed Jesus Christ IS Lord.  (He speaks and understands all languages because He created all languages).  What will happen then?  Their souls I mourn for.  I do not know them but because of the Jesus that lives in me I mourn for them.  He came that NO MAN, WOMAN, NOR CHILD (at the age of accountability), should perish BUT shall inherit everlasting life. (John 3:16)

If you are a person who has studied for years, perhaps under one of these religions or any other that doesn’t teach the truth of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, then please, I ask that you would just speak out to God and ask Him–what is truth?  He will answer you.  Please consider what I have told you.  In genuine love I ask this of you.  You do not know me nor I you, but if you are reading this and do not know Jesus Christ as Savior of your precious soul, it is not a coincidence.  He is pursuing you.    He wants to love you and embrace you and tell you “welcome home my child.”  If you are a believer and know someone who is not, ask Holy Spirit if He is leading you to reach out to them.  Once the last breath is taken all hope is lost. 

Please email me at this address if you wish for prayer or more understanding.  michelle.hawkins2003@gmail.com


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